Colorado Congressman CD 7 Ed Perlmutter

I’ve gotten to know Tracy through her work in our community and I know that her experience and commitment are exactly what we need in our representative.”






Some Comments from Supporters…

“Colorado hired me to do a job and to bring better jobs to Colorado I need Tracy Kraft-Tharp”Governor John Hickenlooper

I need Tracy Kraft-Tharp to help ensure that teachers, communities and parents have the tools to give every child the education that will prepare Colorado for the future.”– Lt Governor Joe Garcia

Tracy Kraft-Tharp IS OUR FRIEND. I KNOW SHE WILL FIGHT FOR US AND OUR COMMUNITY. I have known Tracy personally for a long time. Tracy is a former school teacher who has spent her life fighting for disadvantaged families. She is one of us and will look out for our interests in the legislature. Tracy is the only candidate in this election who will stand up for our community and work to create good jobs and better schools so that our kids have a brighter future. VOTING FOR TRACY IS IMPORTANT FOR OUR COMMUNITY Voting for Tracy is Important for Colorado.”Fredrico Pena

“I am excited and I enthusiastically endorse Tracy Kraft-Tharp to become my House District 29 State Representative. Over the several years I have known her, she has demonstrated knowledge, leadership, and a keen sense of democracy. Tracy has an acute comprehension of policy and it’s impacts on people from her work in nonprofits in our community. She bridged the chasm between what should be available and what is lacking with creativity and conviction. I have witnessed her care and compassion towards others in such activities as the food drive for the Arvada Food Bank and the Toy Drive for the Santa House. As she volunteered at the Santa House, I observed how encouraging and generous she was with those families who were able to receive help. Tracy has mentored and enabled others to participate in the process which is the best expression of team building and leadership. Tracy is the right woman for the job.”  – Jane Banzin

“Tracy is energetic and visionary, just what HD 29 needs!”  – Richard Bateman

“It is with great pleasure that I endorse Tracy Kraft-Tharp. Tracy is a hard worker who fights for the people in her community. Tracy’s compassion and dedication is evident in everything she does. I volunteered with Tracy at Santa House and saw how much she cared about those in need. Her food drive for the Arvada Food Bank also demonstrated how much she wants to help others.  I am looking forward to Tracy’s leadership as our next House District 29 State Representative in Colorado.”  – Yvonne Greenbaum

“Tracy has played an integral role as a citizen of Arvada. -Rachel Zenzinger, Mayor Pro Tem City of Arvada

I whole heartedly support Tracy Kraft-Tharp in her campaign for State Representative in House District 29 because Tracy has whole heartedly supported the children and families in our community. She has dedicated her life to advocating on behalf of the mental and physical health of Arvada’s most underserved citizens. Along with her dedication to service of others, she will be bringing a strong sense of community and a background in education and the law with her to the Capitol to work on behalf of her constituents and all of Colorado. She is the Representative that House District 29 needs.”  Cheryl Cheney

“Elect Tracy, we all win!”  – Andrea Duran Carpenter

Tracy has been deeply involved with the community and will be a great rep.”  – Larry Hofer

I’m supporting Tracy for State Representative in HD 29 because she is dedicated to the Democratic Party. She puts in the time and hard work to understand what the people in HD29 need. She is a proven leader in the community.”  Linda Cerva, Democrat HD 29 Chair

“She’s literate, which beats most!”  – David Weir

“Great Candidate! We will win!!”  – Alex Aguilar

“A woman who stands up for the people.”  – Michael Melio

“Without any reservations, I endorse Tracy to become the next State Representative for House District 29. I know that Tracy will take her experience in the nonprofit sector and her understanding of the challenges facing Colorado families with her to the State Capitol. Tracy cares deeply about Colorado and the families that are proud to call this state their home, and I know she will work hard to make Colorado a strong and vibrant place to live. That is why I am proud to endorse Tracy for House District 29!”  – David Aragoni

“A very experienced advocate for the average person.”  – Barb Bailey

“A great supporter of public education.”  – Janet Weisheit

“She will stand up for the people.”  Bruce Morrison

“Tracy is a hard working person.”  – John Boak

“I endorse Tracy Kraft-Tharp for state representative for HD 20. She is very involved, especially in the areas of health and mental health care and has great concern for all people.” – Nancy Falsco-Hatter

“I endorse Tracy Kraft-Tharp for HD 29 because she is committed to our community, and cares about the well being of people.” – Michele Melio

“Tracy is a fantastic person, extremely intelligent and in touch with the needs of working families. It is my honor to support her!”  – Joseph Salazar

“Tracy Kraft-Tharp cares about her community. I have known Tracy for over 20 years and I have always been impressed with her problem solving skills, leadership ability but mostly by her selfless, unwavering dedication to honestly representing the people she represents.”  – Debra Cady

“What a great thing you are doing Tracy. What a contribution you will make to the state of Colorado!”  – Bob Mecum

“Please everyone, support common sense and great values.  Support Tracy for State Representative.  She is such an awesome person!!!”
– Lance Wheeland

“Tracy is exactly the kind of legislative representative we need.  She is smart, compassionate, and understands how to create change.”  – Sharon Raggio

“We wish you success in your campaign, and are pleased to be able to offer our support.”  – Tom & Janet Bruchmann

“You’ll do wonderful things for the people of your district!”  – Milan Kim

“We can’t go wrong with Tracy Kraft-Tharp in the Colorado House of Representatives.  We can count on Tracy to consistently support progress for Colorado.”  – Dick Barkey

“Tracy has worked extremely hard for the people in her district.  Her background and expertise as a health care professional is exceptional. Her dedication to Democratic values is equally exceptional. She will be a great House Representative and I am proud to support her.”  – Tim Allport

“Tracy is exactly the person we need in the State House; she understands the true cost of our current economic meltdown in the way few others do. We will not allow her to be misrepresented in her opponent’s ads the way our former representative was. We will make her opponent accountable.”  – Catherine Payne

“Great hearing about your campaign today. What a wonderful food drive. I really appreciate all the hard work and efforts on behalf of the community and your genuine compassion for all Coloradans.”  – Doug Muir

“Tracy, we really deserve to have an excellent, experienced, intelligent person like you representing us. You will be excellent! Thanks for running!!”  – Peggy Lamm

I just supported Tracy Kraft-Tharp for State Representative in Colorado.  She is exactly the type of legislator we all need!” Meri Pohutsky

“Tracy’s enthusiasm for public service is contagious, and is matched only by her commitment to help those who are less fortunate. We need moreTracys  in the political arena, people with warm hearts and clear minds and good legislative skills. GoTracy!” -Michael Melio

 “Tracy knows the issues and supports the good causes.” -Sarah Hoover

 Thanks for working hard for the underserved mentally ill. I am a psychiatric RN finishing my MSN to be a Nurse Practitioner. While I am still busy with school, (I graduate in May), I have appreciated your email updates about your activities.” -Brenda Carmody

“Tracy is a dynamic candidate for State House. She will bring positive energy and a brilliant mind to our legislature. Please support her. ” –Mary Ellen Wolf

“Go Tracy–common sense, fairness to both sides; principled.  Just what an elected representative should be!” -David Leavitt

“I just gave to Tracy Kraft-Tharp!  Give now!  Help us take back the majority in the House from Speaker McNulty!” -Alex Cobell

Join me in donating to Tracy Kraft-Tharp for State Representatives. We need leaders like her, while sending McNulty packing!” -Jacob LaBure

“Tracy has this amazing ability to listen to people and understand their concerns.  She’s a strong fighter for Human Rights and will be a great addition to the Colorado House.   Thank you for running Tracy!! “ -Sheila Canfield-Jones

“This is an important race for those interested in seeing this State move forward.  Tracy can do that!” Gregory Garland

“Best of luck Tracy!  Your knowledge and passion will make a difference in the lives of our young children in Colorado.” -Linda Forrest

“Thank you Tracy for all your hard work in this campaign for making Colorado a better place”Karen Payne

 “Good luck, Tracy.  You’ll make a fine rep”-Bruce Madison


American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Council 76,  AFL-CIO

American Federation of Teachers Colorado, AFL-CIO

BlueFlower Fund

Colorado Academy of Family Physicians’ Political Committee

Colorado Chiropractic Association

Colorado Conservation Voters

Colorado Education Association

Colorado Fraternal Order of Police

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Journeymen Plumbers and Gas Fitters Local Union No. 3

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